Marcey Grigsby (’91)

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Marcey Grigsby

I AM: Marcey Grigsby

CLASS OF: 1991

MY FAVORITE WALNUT MEMORY: A highlight was editing the sports page of The Chatterbox, back when the copy had to literally be pasted together. In 1990-1991, we began using a computer publishing program, which was a lot of fun to learn.

I WANT MY LEGACY TO BE: As an alumna who made the most of her Walnut Hills education and gave back to help ensure the continued success of the school and its students and faculty.

I MADE A LEGACY GIFT BECAUSE: Walnut helped me develop intellectual curiosity and the critical thinking, writing, problem-solving and other skills I’ve used in my life and work every day since. From college in Ohio to teaching and traveling in Central Europe and working in a variety of fields in New York City, Walnut has been part of it all. And of course, I still like to show off my (rusty) Latin skills from time to time.

WALNUT HILLS IS: one of the best investments I could make with my legacy gift.