Marty (’44) and Bob (’47) Christopher

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Marty and Bob Christopher

WE ARE: Marty and Bob Christopher

CLASS OF: Marty ’44 & Bob ’47

Marty: Being awarded the honor of graduating Cum Laude. Also, having my maiden name of Surnbrock occasionally changed to “Sunburn” by a teacher who was exasperated with my friend and I talking during announcements.

Bob: As fullback on the first Class A Cincinnati Football Championship, and graduating without strings!

WE WANT OUR LEGACY TO BE: Leaving funds that will insure the continuation and periodic enhancements of Walnut Hills and all that it stands for—its values, decorum, and dedication to the ethos of Sursum ad Summum, and remain the beacon of light that flows into the corners of prejudice, poverty, and ignorance.

WE MADE A LEGACY GIFT BECAUSE: we want to give back some of what Walnut Hills gave to us, enlighten, social graces, tolerance, and the desire to never stop learning and sharing.

WALNUT HILLS IS: A corner stone in our lives—a guiding light in how to live, love, and contribute to society.