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Rudy family

L to R it's Nancy Rudy, Shawn Rudy '74, Abi Ostendorf '07, friend, Ed Ostendorf, Jenny Ostendorf '78 and Nern Ostendorf. (Yes — big sister is wearing the cap)

WE ARE: The Rudy Family

CLASS OF: Shawn – 1974; Jenny – 1978; (Chelsea) Nern Ostendorf – 2005; Abi Ostendorf - 2007

OUR FAVORITE WALNUT MEMORY: We all participated in Choir and/or Ensemble and Musical Theatre productions—we each fondly recall choir concerts and performances. On Christmas Eve 1999 we all “caroled” in a dinghy in a harbor in the US Virgin Islands—with muscle memory allowing us to recall the harmony to “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful”.

WE WANT OUR LEGACY TO BE: Love and appreciation for the Walnut Hills experience.

WE MADE A LEGACY GIFT BECAUSE: We want to ensure this wonderful institution lasts and is available to future students.

WALNUT HILLS IS: A wonderful place to come of age and prepare students for the wide world ahead!